Love & My Journey

Love is patient, love is kind, love knows no boundaries, love knows no fears. Love just is. It is an unconditional feeling that we all carry through our being.

The most beautiful, raw, and pure feeling there can possibly be is love. I know this now, but the road to discovering unconditional love has not been an easy one for me. A big part of my journey has been to discover unconditional love in order to reflect it to those who need to see it to fulfill their purpose.

My personal journey in love is very special to me. In this physical world I have lost myself completely and I see with new eyes now as to why. Love scared me. To be exposed to this unconditional love when I felt I had to experience a strictly physical experience first was terrifying. Knowing that I was unable to give what another being so easily could give, shook my soul. I ran from love and I ran hard and I ran fast. For years I’ve ran from something so beautiful when in reality I was running from a feeling. From a place of discomfort within myself. I exposed myself to people, places, relationships, which served only a purpose to “fill a void” of the unconditional love that I had longed for.

The roads that I have traveled make perfect sense now. Through pain and suffering I found myself and I love myself unconditionally. Looking back I see how every road was a reflection of what I needed to work on within myself in order to be open to unconditional love both giving and receiving it. I fought many unseen battles and feel so incredibly blessed for them. Through my journey to re discovering unconditional love I came out a mother, a warrior, a business owner, a survivor to illness, a blogger, and unconditionally loving.

Love is patient, love is kind, love knows no boundaries, love knows no fears. Love just is. I carry it through my being. I am unconditional love.

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