Where do I even begin? Soul searching is hard hard work, tumultuous work. It is so intense that every part of my being wants to scream, cry, run, hide, laugh, among so many other emotions. My soul is purging. There is this push and pull within myself that is almost tormenting until the day I reached a feeling of bliss, aka Nirvana.

Nirvana left me seemingly lifeless, but full of life all in a single moment. It came in like a wave crashing into my being and it felt so freeing. It dawned on me that the expression “heaven on earth” is this exact feeling. Time seemed to fall away, my body turned to auto pilot and I just am. During this bliss I was able to feel one with all there is. Energy finally made sense and consumed my physical being and soul. I could now easily communicate with other energy sources.

Memories of the past began to flow in during this time of Nirvana. I sat with a specific memory and easily understood the energy of that time in my life. It made sense. I was able to understand the reason for why it had happened. Within myself I allowed Nirvana to happen, which took a lot of physical and spiritual strength. Soul searching. On my own I had elevated my own being to a point that I did not want to return from. Two days after Nirvana had seemingly gone into hiding my soul felt a loss. So I turned my head towards the sky and that is when I felt it again. The rainbow in the clouds gave my soul what it was yearning for. Nirvana. It cannot be unlearned, therefore it is always within me. A part of me.

~Look in my header for the rainbow in the clouds~

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